Cryolopolysis / Fat Freezing

Cryolopolysis / Fat Freezing

Cryolopolysis is an FDA-approved solution for reducing fat cells. Instantly diminish stubborn bulges that won’t slim with proper diet and exercise. It’s the ideal tool for all areas of the body. With Cryolopolysis at Urban Radiance Medical Spa, we customize your treatment by identifying your goals to determine the optimal treatment plan for you. Cryolopolysis uses frigid temperatures to decimate fat cells without harming healthy cells or tissues.

The advantages of Cryolopolysis / Fat Freezing include:


Cryolopolysis causes fat cells to freeze by quickly exposing them to the coldest temperature. It effectively treats and reduces fat cells using advanced freezing technology. Once frozen, the fat cells will naturally process through the body’s lymphatic system within the months following your treatment, resulting in a slimmer, more contoured appearance. As the months go by, your body will gradually flush out all fat cells beneath the skin. This results in a reshaped and sculpted structure.


Our Cryolopolysis treatment is suited for your busy lifestyle. At Urban Radiance Medical Spa, we perform all procedures within forty-five minutes to an hour or less for your convenience. We’ll discuss all procedure details in depth at your consultation and provide you with a customized treatment. Since all patient’s concerns differ, we’ll determine whether you’ll have to get several procedures for optimal results. Your individualized treatment plan will be specially made for your body, goals, and budget. We’ll put the device on the targeted area, and proper cooling penetrates the skin. All you’ll have to do is sit back, relax and get a slimmer appearance after your first couple treatments.


Cryolopolysis/Fat Freezing is ideal for individuals looking to reduce stubborn fat that doesn’t respond to diet and exercise. It’s suitable for all body areas and is an FDA-approved solution. The treatment is customized based on individual goals to determine the optimal plan.
Visible results from Cryolopolysis/Fat Freezing can be seen within weeks of the treatment. Full effects typically manifest after two to three months as the body gradually flushes out the treated fat cells, leading to a more contoured appearance.
Cryolopolysis/Fat Freezing results are long-lasting as the treatment effectively reduces fat cells. Once these cells are eliminated, they do not regenerate. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can prolong the slimming effects.
Cryolopolysis/Fat Freezing is a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment with no downtime required. It’s a same-day procedure with minimal side effects, enabling patients to resume their daily activities right away.
Before undergoing Cryolopolysis/Fat Freezing, a consultation will be conducted to customize the treatment plan according to your body, goals, and budget. Post-treatment, it’s important to maintain a healthy lifestyle to support and enhance the results.
During the Cryolopolysis/Fat Freezing treatment, a device is placed on the targeted area, and cooling is applied to penetrate the skin. The procedure is comfortable, typically lasting between forty-five minutes to an hour, and you can relax while the treatment works to slim the targeted area.

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